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Have you heard,seen,witnessed or encountered any situation that gave and or painted a vivid picture of anyone surviving all by him/herself alone without an iota of direct and or indirect input/support from other persons?!

Regardless of your faith,tribe,status,profession,political affinity and the likes,you are not fated to survive without the direct and or indirect inputs/supports/efforts/instructions/help/admonitions/dislikes/likenesses/criticisms/encouragements/discouragements/betrayals/failures/successes/applauds/wants/needs and so on from persons of other faith,tribes, professions,status,political affinity and the likes!

Think it out and think it well,honestly, sometimes, the good,the bad and the ugly can come from any directions (from those whom you share all with or those whom you share nothing entirely or just little with)!

What’s important is love for all (as God’s Creations) and respect of the good and or even the better of relationships you share or must share at one point or the other with them!

If God had wanted all as one,it doesn’t cost Him anything! Never you deprive others of their rights,privileges and benefits just because they are not of the same faith,status, tribe,profession or politic lineage with you!

That would be cruel,unintelligent, antihuman, anti God and despicable acts of cowardice only exhibited by agents of Satan!!!

Leave what’s God’s for God and allow Him be the judge of all!!!

My humble opinion!

Comrade Dr. M.A Bello (ND,SHI,DCFR).


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