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Barr. Ben Udowa, FCA, the Group CEO of Madelyn Group, a renowned entrepreneur in the state has called on youths to embrace the Dakadda Philosophy & Initiative of His Excellency, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, Governor of Akwa Ibom as it will enable them to become entrepreneurs that will be able to create employment not only for themselves but for others rather than wait endlessly for white collar job.

Barr. Ben Udowa who is a Chartered Accountant, Lawyer, Chartered Banker, and Chartered Tax Practitioner made this call during his presentation at the just concluded Ukpum Minya Clan Youth Summit which has the theme: “The Future We Must Build”. The summit was organized by the youths of Ukpum Minya Clan in Mkpat Enin LGA of Akwa Ibom State to galvanize the youths of the clan to building a bright and better future for the clan.

The summit which was chaired by the Hon. Commissioner for Works and Fire Service, Professor Eno Ibanga, an Ukpum son had Barr. Ben Udowa, FCA, also an Ukpium son as the Vice Chairman of the occasion. Other notable speakers at the occasion include Hon. Ubong Ekefre, a journalist and one time Chairman of Mkpat Enin Local Government Area, Engr. Ubong Essien, Mr. Kufre Cather, Obong Ufot Ekpo, Mr. Ubong Sampson amongst others.

During his presentation Titled: “Changing the Narratives”, Barr. Ben Udowa, FCA, emphasized that to build a brighter and better future for Ukpum Minya, the youths must change the narratives.

Furthermore, according to Udowa, said to change the narratives, Youths must alter situations or events that are not of sustainable benefits to not only the youths but to the generality of the people.

However, he said “changing the narratives is changing from putting the cart before the horse to putting the horse before the cart”

According to Barr. Udowa, youths can change narratives in every aspect that affects their lives. He itemized three particular areas youths can change narratives to better their lot.

First, in politics, they must change from putting the interest of the elected first to putting the interest of the electorate first. Secondly, in gaining employment, they must embrace the Dakkada philosophy/initiative of the Governor by changing from hunting for white collar jobs that are no where to be found to becoming entrepreneurs with opportunities to generate employment and create wealth. Thirdly, they must change from rigid dependent on politicians for meager, transient, and unsustainable ‘political money’ as their only source of livelihood, which has perpetually impoverished them and eroded their self esteem to having sustainable sources of income through entrepreneurship development.

Barr Ben Udowa while presenting said the youth are really the change agent that Nigeria as a country needs to turn things around for the benefit of our generation and nationhood.
On the course of his presentation he pointed out specifically that some politicians in our country today seat on and sometime convert dividends of democracy that are meant for the electorate. He regrets that in politics, most elected always abandoned the electorate immediately after the election where they are voted to power, only to return back to ask for their votes when there is another election. This he said is very unfair and ungodly.

He stressed that until the interest of the electorate is put FIRST before the interest of the elected, we will never get it right as a nation.

Barr. Ben Udowa encourages the youths of Ukpum Minya to support the government of His Excellency Governor Udom Emnanuel. He commends His Excellency for industrializing the state and providing the enabling structures for sustainable development in the state.

He said passionately that the youths needs to prepare for and equipped themselves for the numerous opportunities that are coming with the deep seaport coming on stream.

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