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Ekong Sampson: Best Man for Eket Senate Seat

Ekong Sampson: Best Man for Eket Senate Seat

Eket Senatorial District deserves a Senator in the mould of Rt Hon.(Barr.) Ekong Sampson. He is a man with the right personality, political disposition and qualifications for the top job. It was no surprising when Chief Nduese Essien, Leader of Eket Senatorial District Elders Forum described Barr. Sampson as ‘a highly sellable senate material – who has all it takes to be a great senator for Eket Senatorial District’. All around the senatorial district, the Ekong Sampson reviews have been generally very glowing.

Ekong Sampson: Best Man for Eket Senate Seat

Suffice to say that Dr. Sampson has always been destined to be in the Nigerian Senate as a Senator. In fact, it was in the Senate that he cut his political teeth, when he served as Chief Legislative/Special Assistant to the iconic Senator Udoma Udo Udoma in the early 2000s.

Since then, he has prepared, waited, readied himself and built the needed capacity and clout for what will be a glorious return to the Red Chambers in 2023 for him.

For his famed bridge building disposition, he has become a ‘square peg in a square hole’ aspirant for a multi diverse district like Akwa Ibom South. He ticks many boxes of an ideal Senate material.

With a Ph.D in Law and a legislative background spanning from Councilorship to Council Chairman and later as a two term House of Assembly member, Barr. Sampson is just perfectly ripe for the Eket Senate job.

Ultimately, his, is a Divine orchestrated aspiration. He is favoured by zoning, cognate experience and undoubted capacity.

He is the preferred choice of the crown, he is the preferred choice of the people. He is the toast of the Ibibio, Oro, Ekid and Obolo delegates, because he is highly detribalized and does not segregate. He is a mature, well bred politician who exudes decorum and class – he will restore representative elegance and content to Eket Senatorial District. Dr. Ekong Sampson is a champion of empowerment, albeit a silent one. He is not easily given to fanfare. He has sustainably empowered hundreds of people over the years; he is not an emergency philanthropist.

Barr. Ekong Sampson is a humble, selfless, accessible man who lives for all. Indeed, the good people of Eket Senatorial District are excited with Ekong Sampson’s aspiration because a new era in quality legislative representation and massive empowerments beckons with him.

Let’s join hands and send Onomkpoinam Mkpat Enin, clearly our best material to the Senate.


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