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Organized by Africa Youth Community International

The African Young Leaders Conference 2021 was a success. The event which was organized by Africa Youth Community International took place at the Nigeria Airforce (NAF) Conference Centre, Abuja. The conference attracted about 500 or more young leaders in Africa and beyond. It centred on the theme “KEYS TO ACHIEVING THE AFRICA WE WANT“. The conference featured many keynotes speakers who spoke on different topics in relation to the conference theme.

His Excellency, Efeoghene Shedrack Ekure (Efe), the President General of the Africa Youths Community (AYC) International worldwide took the opening speech and welcomed all participants keynote speakers and invited guests present to the conference, while sharing more about the vision behind the conference -which is majorly to prepare every young leader for great leadership and help discover their values of leadership. He also gave more insight on the theme of the conference. He appreciated all the volunteers and every team member for playing a great part towards making the conference success

The Africa Youths Community International (AYCI) is a global community of youths of African descent with an estimated membership strength of over seven hundred thousand young Africans and with chapters spread across one hundred and eleven countries of the world (the fifty-four [54] African countries inclusive).

Driven by a clear cut vision to promote the fortunes of the African youth and the advancement of Africa as a continent, the policy thrust of the community is anchored on the realization of certain set goals strategically earmarked to be achieved by the year 2030.

The 3day conference began with accreditation on Thursday 16th September and ended on Saturday 18th September 2021 with presentation of awards/medals to some distinguish personalities and certificates to participants by 3. 00pm. The event was moderated by H.E Amb. Promise Ezekiel, the Nigeria President of AYCI.

The 1st keynote speakers was Sen. Omo Agege Ovie Deputy Senate President who spoke on the topic ” YOUTH INVOLVEMENT IN POLITICS FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT “ He encouraged and inspired participants to be actively seeking Political offices, hold on their purpose in life and keep their head up.

“Our great grandfather had failed us, our fathers have failed us, we must not fail our generation and the next one. As Youth let’s stop singing and clapping for those who have failed us in their position of leadership, You are not just leaders of tommorow, that leadership begins today “ Sen. Omo Agege Ovie

The 2nd speaker, Hon. Stella Okotete Executive Director (Business Development) Nigeria Export-Import Bank Abuja, who spoke on the topic “ YOUTH INVOLVEMENT IN AGRICULTURE & SME”, encouraged the participants to roll up their sleeves, get back to work, to farm, to be creative and break out from the shackles of laziness and poverty that hold them back and move on. She further quoted by saying, “Do something today that beats the person you were yesterday and never compare yourself with the best that others can do. This is the right time to draw up our core values”

She wrap up her presentation advising youths to take advantage of the offer from NEXIM BANK in assisting existing and potential exporters of Non Oil goods and services which includes Women and Youth entrepreneur financing, Small & Medium Scale entrepreneur financing, Agricultural funding, Manufacturing funding etc.

The 3rd speaker was Air Marshal Isiaka Oladayo Amao the Chief of Air Staff who spoke on the topic : “ YOUTH ARE THE DRIVERS OF SECURITY IN BE ANY NATION”. He narrated the security challenges in Africa and how young Africans have contributed to security of their respective countries. He encouraged the participants not to take any negative thing anyone says about them but to keep going. The Chief of Air Staff further stressed this by saying that “ If the Youths are well taken care of the problem of security will be 70% solved”. The Chief of Air Staff was represented by air Commodore I. G. Ajiboye.

The 4th speaker was Ambassador Noel who spoke on topic ” SHIFTING PARADIGM: THE ROLE OF YOUNG IN BUILDING PEACE AND SECURITY. He said that today’s generation of young people is a major force for social, economic and demographic change. So their wellbeing and meaningful participation is fundamental to achieving a just and peaceful Africa.

He submitted that in all regions of the world, we see young people rolling up their sleeves, introducing innovation, serving the needs of affected populations, and building hope, resilience and social cohesion in their communities and nations.

A Paradigm Shift is define as an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way.

The 5th speaker was Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed, The Deputy Speaker, Kogi State House of Assembly, who spoke on the topic, “BUILDING LOCAL LEADERS TO SOLVE GLOBAL CHALLENGES”. He encouraged the participants that there is hope in the rising generation of youth who could play a critical role in building accountability for successful economic transformation, representation, and public service.

Other topics presented by other keynote speakers covered areas of health, self improvement, loyalty to our country not loyalty to political parties etc

The conference lasted about 5 hours, 30 minutes daily. Panel of discussants were given opportunity to talk about the various topics presented by the keynote speakers. Questions and Answers were entertained from the participants and speakers, and they appreciated the organizers of the conference for putting together such a great platform.

In another development, Comedian SirJames Essien, Akwa Ibom born comedian and popular entertainer was given award of excellence by the President of Africa Youth Community International

While Comrade Enobong Nsimah, the Secretary of Eket Book Club was appointed the Coordinator of Africa Youth Community International, Akwa Ibom State Chapter by H.E Amb. Promise Ezekiel the President of AYCI Nigeria Chapter.

Other delegates from Akwa Ibom State that attended Africa Youth Leaders Conference 2021 Prince Akan Etteudo, Elder Daniel Edon of Bubblenews Latest II, Miss Ndueso Young, Ubong Creativity David, ImaobongAkwaowo Umoekah, Peace Bassey, Michael Alfred, Unwana Assam, Edwin Obong Atang, Sylvanus Udoenoh and other Akwa Ibomites.

It could be recall that Rt Hon Eseme Eyiboh sponsored six (6) members of Eket Book Club to the just concluded Africa Young Leaders Conference powered by Africa Youth Community International.

Let me on behalf of Akwa delegates thank God for the safe trip to and fro Abuja.

Let me also thank our respective benefactors for sponsorship, for the accommodation, feeding and local logistics.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

This report would have come out earliest upon our return to Akwa Ibom State, but due my device wahala and system error I was unable to put this out on time for public consumption.

Edwin Obong Atang a Participant of Africa Youth Leaders Conference 2021.

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